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Getting to Know Pure Blarney: Gerry Talbot

Gerry is easily identified by his thick Dumbarton accent and questionable choice of waistcoats. It's time to learn a little more...

Name: Gerry Talbot

Instrument/s: Acoustic guitar, Mandolin, Bouzouki, Vocals

Member since: 2016

How did you first get into music and learn to play?

I got into music when I first heard The Beatles - around 1967. I taught myself guitar when I realised that I was not going to be a football player, so thought that it might be another way to meet girls - it didn’t work!

Tell us a funny/Crazy gig story.

Playing a gig in Glasgow many years ago and I saw a person in the audience and I made the smart ass comment, “Why are you dressed up as Ian Hunter?" (front man of Mott the Hoople). Much to my embarrassment, it was Ian Hunter…

Who is your favourite band/artist/musician?

This possibly changes on a weekly basis - currently it’s Passenger

What is your favourite venue to perform in?

The Points, Belfast

How do you think the rest of Pure Blarney would describe you?


What is your favourite Pure Blarney song/s to perform?

The Whole of the Moon

What is your least favourite Pure Blarney song/s to perform?

N/A I love them all

What inspires you as a musician/artist?

The challenge of learning new material and making it sound as if we have been playing those new songs for years

Do you have a “go to” for a big night out?

A good restaurant with good company followed by a live music venue with good quality beer

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1 Comment

Mar 23, 2023

This man loves wedding cake ;-0 Consummate professional and all round good egg

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