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Getting to Know Pure Blarney: DJ McAteer

Next up is DJ McAteer, any original lyrics played by the band are likely to have been written by him. Oh, and if you see him sleeping on the Belfast - Derry/Londonderry train, wake him up. He's probably missed his stop.

Name: DJ McAteer

Instruments: Vocals, rhythm lead and bass guitar

Member since: 2017

How did you first get into music and learning to play?

I always loved music as a child, but I was quite hyper, I think my mother decided to send me to music lessons when i was 7 to keep me from wrecking the house. I started guitar, piano and tin whistle lessons… my favourite was guitar, I had an excellent teacher who introduced me to everything from, folk, rock and pop but most importantly The Beatles… guitar was a joy to learn… I found piano boring at the start, it was only when i started to play by ear that I fell in love with the piano.

Tell us a crazy/funny gig story?

The craziest moment of any gig was after being ask by about 10 different guest to let a particular guest sing… finally giving in, he took the mic and belted out, “How much is that doggy in the window” for what felt like 4 hours, in reality it was about 10 minutes… but it's 10 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

Who is your favourite band/artist/musician?

My favourite band of all time is Oasis… I had been losing interest in playing guitar for a couple of years, and then BOOM when I turned 15 they came on the scene and I became completely obsessed with writing songs and playing guitar again.

Favourite venue to perform in?

I loved custom house square, seeing the sea of 1000’s singing and dancing along to our music is a hard feeling to replicate… although playing acoustically with the lads in The Front Page Bar, Ballymena has a really special atmosphere.

How do you think the rest of PB would describe you?

I am quite shy in real life, and it takes a while before I can let my guard down and be myself, saying that I think they would describe me as clumsy, versatile, creative, and reliable

(I can be relied on to do something clumsy).

Most and least favourite PB song to perform? Any reason why?

My favourite song changes week by week… but currently its Beeswing… our version is full of energy, we’ve really taken it in a much more energetic direction than the original.

Least favourite is Wagon Wheel, simply because it's the same chords the whole way through. Verse and chorus… same chords, terrible lyrics.. it's been played to death.

What inspires you as a musician/artist?

Songwriting is everything to me, so getting the opportunity to get an original song into the set is very motivating. Getting the opportunity to learn new songs for a wedding ceremony or a first dance is amazing, having that pressure to learn a song and perform it so you do it justice. The songs chosen by the couple are so personal to them, so I always want to give it 100%, and capture the moment.

Do you have a ‘go to’ for a big night out?

Guinness… all day long

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