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Getting to Know Pure Blarney: Laurence Dugan

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Laurence? Wait, Pure Blarney has a Bass player? Yes, you may hear him but rarely see him. Laurence is used to playing (happily) in the shadows during a gig but there's no way he was avoiding this spotlight.

Name: Laurence Dugan

Instruments: Warwick Bass guitar / Fender Precision Bass Guitar

Member since: May 2021

How did you first get into music and learn to play?

When I was a teenager my friends were putting a band together and asked me to join... the only condition was I play bass because no one else wanted to! 😂 It just so happened my Dad played bass so I borrowed his and taught myself to play. Just thinking about it, maybe that’s the only reason they asked me to join! 😂

Tell us a funny/Crazy gig story.

I am quite a shy person (that’s usually a bassist thing) but I love being on stage and don’t care if I don’t get noticed afterwards. I just love performing, which is just as well with this story... A 3 piece power trio I played in a few years back were headlining a Blues event in the Empire Music Hall and had just finished absolutely rocking the place, playing a few encores to an awesome enthusiast crowd. So, I fancied a wee drink of coke afterwards and went out front to the bar (literally 2 minutes after coming off stage) and ordered a coke. This guy standing beside me said, “That band was awesome, those 3 guys just brought the house down!" I was feeling quite good about myself until he asked, “What did you think of them???”. One thing about gigging in this wee country, you’ll not get too big headed! 😂😂😂

Who is your favourite band/artist/musician?

My favourite band would have to be Crowded House. I have all their albums and saw them live twice, which was totally awesome! Fantastic musicians and song writers with a unique way of telling a story through their music.

An artist I admire and root for is a homegrown singer songwriter called Gareth Dunlop. He grew up a few miles from me in Belfast, and learned his craft locally before moving onto bigger and better things. He is a humble but fantastically talented musician and songwriter, definitely someone you should check out.

Favourite venue to perform in?

That’s an easy one, most definitely The Empire music hall in Belfast. The crowd is so close you can see the whites of their eyes and the vibe is always electric!

How do you think the rest of Pure Blarney would describe you?

Haha, very much depends on who you ask! To be honest I don’t know, haven’t really thought about it….until now, thanks Chloe!! I suppose I would like them to think of me as someone they could count on if they needed help, because I would do anything to help them if they were in need….they probably don’t know that though. I think they would do the same for me cause they are a great bunch of people, and fun to be around!

What is your most and least favourite Pure Blarney song/s to perform?

Favourite song….anything sung by Rosie. Why? Because she is awesome! I’ve just made the rest of the band members sick with that comment, but I’m gonna stick with it! 😂

Least favourite...Fisherman’s Blues. Why? I don’t really know, it just doesn’t float my boat. Sorry Gerry!

What inspires you as a musician/artist?

To get better every time I play. Make people happy and have fun while they are listening/dancing and give them a few hours of happy time away from the norm.

Do you have a “go to” for a big night out?

Even though I play in venues where it is packed and most times crazy, I don’t do big crowds, so a nice meal and a movie with my wife would be my favourite “go to”. Does that answer get me brownie points??? 😂

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