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Wedding tips to make your big day a Pure success💒💍

Updated: May 5

From years of experience helping couples celebrate one of the biggest days of their lives, we have come up with a few tips and tricks on how to help make your wedding worth the sleepless nights, hours of planning and endless decision making. But most of all one that lives up to your expectations and really is one of the best days of your life.

Here's our tips to make a memorable wedding day;

1. Enjoyment is contagious

Your enjoyment will influence that of your guests so let them see you on the dance floor having fun and they'll surely join you. Our best wedding parties without doubt have always started with our couples 'letting their hair down' and having a ball on the dance floor 💃

2. Try to avoid clashing with large sporting events or make them part of your day

At one particular wedding instead of favours each guest got a bet for the Grand National and a TV was brought in for everyone to watch. Including the event within their day avoided guests drifting off to watch it elsewhere, taking away from the celebrations.

3. It's always good to have the bar in the same room as the band

Having the bar in the same room as your evening entertainment ensures that the guests don't become split up; those who want to dance and those who want to chat and have craic over a drink can all do so from the same space, keeping the celebration in the one area.

4. Don't just go on recommendations, see the band play live before you book

Actually experiencing your band live makes sure that they are definitely the right fit for your wedding. The band has a major influence on how your evening reception is remembered, you want to make sure you make the right decision for you!

5. Relax and enjoy your day

The main thing is to just relax and enjoy your day and your guests will do the same. Remember, it is your day - take a minute to soak it all in and make the most of it.

6. Don't start the evening entertainment too soon

Avoid starting your evening reception as soon as the meal has finished to ensure the dance floor is filled from the get go. Your guests will want to let their meal settle, have a drink and chat before the real celebrations begin.

7. Choose sentimental song choices for your ceremony

It may be hard to decide on the songs and pieces you would like played during your ceremony. Choose music which is meaningful to you both and holds happy memories.

This is advice we offer from our combined years of experience, it may work for you or it may not. Most importantly, we recommend that you make choices that are best suited to you and how you imagine your wedding day.

Well, all that's left to say is happy wedding planning from all of us at Pure Blarney... and of course if you need a band you know where we are!

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