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Creating Music: The Process

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

We at Pure Blarney thought we should give you all an insight in to the recording process and how we bring our vision to life; start to finish.

When we record promotional videos and songs, we are fortunate enough that the band members have the equipment to record their individual tracks digitally at the ease of home.

The next step is for each member to email their tracks to myself who adds them all together using Pro Logic Studio - where I tidy them up to make sure the tracks are balanced and sounding awesome!

This recording process can take anything from 1 hour to 12 hours. Though, we are lucky to have such talented musicians involved that usually not much tweaking is needed which saves me a lot of time...

We think that we are able to produce tracks that are close to our live sound. This is an important aim for us; to produce songs of that are representative of what we are capable of and can offer during live performances. Though, for special projects we take it to Einstein Studios, Antrim.

You can hear a few recent recordings on Spotify:

- DJ

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