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FIRST LOOK at New Music...

The Pure Blarney members are continuously working on producing new material, as a group but also between themselves as full-time musicians.

Richard and Rosie have a song ready for you to give a listen. Satellite Town is a song from my album 'The Long Haul'.

It's about those who tried and failed to reach their dreams and are relegated to their outskirts. Living vicariously through stories of local heroes and those that did make it.

The original version was more of a folk rock track with a lot of production but I always thought it would suit a more mellow touch and Rosie's voice and fiddle would be perfect on it.

So with this isolation, I tried my hand at making the track from start to finish,

where usually I have someone else mix and master for me. It came out pretty good for a first attempt. Rosie got the vibe of it and did her parts remotely from home. No retakes, what she did first time was great.

- Richard


Keep your eyes peeled, there's plenty more where that came from...

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