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Getting to know Pure Blarney: Declan Keenan

Declan isn't particularly a man of few words even though his answers would lead you to believe so. Brace yourself, this one might take you all of one minute to read!

Name: Declan Keenan

Instruments: Guitars & Vocals

Member since: 2021

How did you first get into music and learning to play?

I started tin whistle classes when I was 6 but it was when my brother started to play guitar that I wanted to change instruments. He stopped after a week or two and I’ve kept going!

Tell us a crazy/funny gig story?

What happens at a gig stays at a gig.

Who is your favourite band/artist/musician?

That changes every week!

Favourite venue to perform in?

No particular favourite but I’d love to play at the Black Box in Belfast sometime… I think that’d be my favourite.

How do you think the rest of PB would describe you?

Should’ve bought Duracell.

Most and least favourite PB song to perform? Any reason why?

I love them all, of course. Although I mostly enjoy Ride On.

What inspires you as a musician/artist?

When the band is playing and every one of you is on the same wavelength, the sound comes out as one. It doesn’t always happen but when it does it certainly feels like magic.

Do you have a ‘go to’ for a big night out?

A good restaurant with nice food and wine. And a few espresso martinis and I’m a happy man!

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