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Getting to Know Pure Blarney: Rosie Smyth

Next up to take on the hot seat is Rosie, she may be the only female in the group but can most certainly keep up with the craic from the rest of the guys!

Name: Rosie Smyth

Instruments: Fiddle and Vocals

Member since: 2012 ish

How did you first get into music and learning to play?

My mum plays various instruments and my dad loves to sing. There were always instruments in the house growing up and we all tinkered away at them. I started violin tuition in school at 7 years old and haven't looked back.

Tell us a crazy/funny gig story?

I was playing a gig in Fibber Magees years ago with an old bad called Inchequin. There was always a random crowd in, a great bar for people watching lol. Anyway, we were on our half time break and the bouncers were kicking out some drunk lad. His missus came running behind them, grabbed my mic stand, leads an all, and tried to batter the bouncers with it, thankfully I'd just taken my fiddle off the stand before she lifted it 🤣...

There's also the time Jonny got boked on at The Points...I'll never forget that image haha.

Who is your favourite band/artist/musician?

Far too many to choose from 🙈, I'm a very varied listener... Coldplay, Paul Simon, Tommy Fleming, Dougie McClean, Chris Stapleton, Dermot Kennedy, Foy Vance, Paul Brady, The Fureys, José Gonzalez. Its impossible to list one.

Favourite venue to perform in?

The Points with the crowd in full swing

How do you think the rest of PB would describe you?

A (lovely) wee bitch, a greedy hallion, Roxanne, the rose amongst the thorns hahaha

Most and least favourite PB song to perform?

Most fav... Little Lion Man or Mr Brightside

Least... Wagon Wheel probably

What inspires you as a musician/artist?

New music projects and working with great musicians

Where’s your ‘go to’ for a night out?

Anywhere where the craic is 🍻🤗

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