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Well rehearsed and nowhere to play...

It's been 123 days (and counting) since our last gig, therefore 123 days since we have played to an actual audience compared to the new norm of four walls and recording devices in an empty room. It's safe to say that we miss the thrill of playing, the craic and even packing down the kit at 1am (who knew this could ever be missed). Even so, we miss playing and everything about it; from the moment we step into the van making our way to the venue until the moment we step back out of it post gig.

With this being the longest time Pure Blarney has ever gone without playing in packed bars, to a drunken crowd and celebrating all you newly weds since we first started, we're itching to get back out to you all. But sadly, as it stands, we can't even attempt to predict when that will be. So for now, we'll have to continue getting our playing fix from producing new material and coming together for rehearsals - followed by a few (sensible) alcoholic beverages, obviously.

At least we can say that when the time eventually comes we'll be well rehearsed and ready to show off our new material.

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